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Finding balance and fulfilment as a working parent can be challenging and complicated.


Working together, I can help you define how you want your life to be and to understand what is holding you back so that you can create lasting balance and fulfilment in your life and work.

My coaching programme can help you to:

  • Manage conflicting priorities and commitments at home and work. 

  • Explore, understand and respond to what is going on for you emotionally, logistically and physically.

  • Tackle experience of overwhelm, low-confidence and impostor syndrome.

  • Analyse your strengths and skills to help you know your value and build your self-confidence.

  • Identify skill gaps and areas for development to help you grow.

  • Explore career progression or change.

  • Negotiate flexible working arrangements.       


My Coaching for Working Parents programme is offered directly to individuals (via 1 to 1 coaching), or through organisations who act as sponsor (via 1 to 1 or group coaching).

Organisations that support working parents through this programme will experience:

  • Happy, confident staff who feel supported and understood, not judged and penalised - enabling them to get on with their jobs in an effective and efficient manner.

  • Increased productivity: Being able to manage life’s priorities and commitments in a healthy and agile way means a clearer, undistracted, less anxious focus on work commitments.

  • Committed, engaged and loyal staff who will aspire to grow and develop within the organisation.

  • Retention of talented women - particularly at a senior level - who can drive forward the vision of the organisation.

  • An embedded culture of understanding and support, and a reputation for being a great place to work - therefore attracting even more talent and loyalty.


My 1 to 1 coaching programme includes:

  • Tailored outcomes agreed at the start of the programme.

  • 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions (1 to 1.5 hrs each: face to face or Skype/Zoom).

  • Flexible session timings to suit you (typically every 2-4 weeks). 

  • Motivating action plans agreed during each session.

  • Access to tools, approaches and advice to support your journey.

  • A safe and non-judgemental space to reflect, reframe and refocus.

  • Lightbulb moments and empowering realisations about what you are capable of!


Group Coaching programme (through organisations):

​My Group Coaching provides a platform for shared support amongst those experiencing similar challenges. It enables a mutual understanding of their options, a healthy realisation that they are not alone, and a network of support that can help alleviate anxiety and concern, allowing them to focus on succeeding at work while maintaining the balance and mindset they need in other areas of their life. These are very much tailored to the organisation and the individuals' specific needs so please contact me to discuss.


Back to Work Coaching

Returning to work after maternity leave or a career break can be stressful and worrying. This moment in a Working Parent’s life comes with its own unique emotional, physical and logistical  challenges. I therefore offer a specific Back to Work programme for those who are about to return, or have recently returned from leave. 

My Back to Work Programme will help you: 

  • Feel prepared and motivated to return to professional life.

  • Manage conflicting priorities and commitments.

  • Tackle experience of overwhelm, low-confidence and impostor syndrome.

  • Explore your emotional, physical and logistical challenges and find strategies to respond to these.

  • Gain confidence in negotiating flexible and agile working patterns.

  • Explore your strengths and skills to help you know your value and build your self-confidence.

  • Rediscover yourself and explore how you would like to show up at work.

  • Dedicate time to focus on YOU in your world where self-care so easily slips to the bottom of the pile. ​


Back to Work coaching is offered as tailored 1 to 1 sessions and through Group Coaching arrangements with organisations. Please contact me to discuss.

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