New Year, New Decade!


Are you reflecting and thinking about what you might want to do differently in 2020? Are there things you want to change in how you live your life or in your work? 

Allocate time and support to focus on YOU and your development and fulfilment.

Make space to explore and design the life you want to live.


Kick start 2020 feeling in control and ready to make positive change in your life and work.

KICKSTART 2020 will give you:


  • A positive and motivated mindset to start the new year with, enabling you to feel in control and calm.

  • Increased confidence, self-belief and presence in the different areas of your life.

  • A greater awareness of your values, what is truly important to you to guide, inspire, motivate and drive you.

  • The ability to effectively manage priorities, commitments and demands across the different facets of your life.  

  • Techniques and tools to help you live a more balanced and fulfilled life that you can continue to implement beyond the programme.

  • Lightbulb moments and empowering realisations about what you are capable of!


The KICKSTART 2020 programme includes: 


  • Tailored outcomes agreed before the start of the programme.

  • 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions (1 to 1.5 hrs each: face to face or Skype/Zoom).

  • Flexible session timings to suit you (typically every 2-4 weeks). 

  • Motivating action plans agreed during each session.

  • Access to tools, approaches and advice to support your journey.

  • Email access to me between sessions to ensure a continuation of dialogue and the option to bounce ideas or thoughts.

  • A safe and non-judgemental space to reflect, talk, think and allow ideas to unravel.

What to expect working with me


The programme is tailored specifically to you and your unique circumstances and the coaching journey is agile to respond to whatever is going on for you at that moment. 


Before we start we'll agree clear outcomes for what you want to happen as a result of the coaching. We will reflect on this throughout the programme to ensure that we're on track; making adjustments as necessary to maximise effectiveness.


We'll use a range of coaching approaches and techniques to enable the most effective impact. Many of these will have a basis in psychological theory and may include an exploration of your values, personal beliefs and how you view yourself and your world. 


My role as coach is to identify which approach or technique is most appropriate, helpful and impactful to you at that moment and to ensure you are comfortable with it. Your role is to be open, honest and committed to explore and take action!


The programme is usually £650 for 6 x 1 hours sessions or £750 for 6 x 1.5 hour sessions. 

Free Discovery Consultation

Before you make any commitment let's have a free discovery consultation to explore whether this programme is right for you. We'll talk about your situation and what you'd like to get out of coaching. I'll explain my coaching approach and how this programme could help you. You can ask me any questions you have and get a sense of what to expect from working with me to ensure I am the right coach for you.


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