I have worked for 15 years in International Development and the NGO sector (Non-Government Organisations). My values resonate with a sector focused on the empowerment, development and mental well-being of people. I am inspired by the life-changing impacts that can occur when people realise their worth, understand their rights, and find within themselves the courage to act on these. I have supported and led teams and individuals from a range of countries and backgrounds.

Driven by a desire to live a more balanced life, I embarked on creating a lifestyle that could holistically satisfy all aspects of who I am. Me as a parent, a friend and a wife; my personal and mental well-being; my interest in the world and people around me; and my career.


……. And there my coaching journey began……...


Coaching speaks to my values and beliefs. It utilises my personal strengths of listening with compassion and respect, building trust and truly empathising with my clients.


Through my coaching experience and training I’ve developed an understanding of how thoughts and feelings can impact on a person’s behaviour and view of their world. This enables me to work with my clients effectively and without judgement, allowing me to provide a supportive, safe and empowering space for them to reflect and refocus.




Being a coach has ignited a self-discovery in me. Like my clients, I have experienced personal challenges and achievements that have moulded who I am. As I begin to understand the root of the assumptions and beliefs that I hold about the world around me, I am learning to embrace and welcome my own imperfections and vulnerabilities into my life - a liberating experience!


I have experienced personal challenges around:

Family and relationships; Parenthood; Work-life balance; Career progression; Impostor syndrome and Confidence.


Finding the courage and support to follow my heart and fulfil my dream of working in International Development is one of my greatest achievements. And despite some wobbles, I know I won't regret my more recent leap of faith into the world of self-employment. This is largely thanks to the reassurance and encouragement of my support network - including my own coach!

I am married to the fantastically supportive Ben (who has helped me understand the power of being truly listened to), and have two wonderful (most of the time!!) young children.


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