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If you are seriously considering a career change, but are not sure where to start or how to go about it, the Career Transition Programme could be for you

The programme aligns with the belief that people are most satisfied and motivated by their work when they are in careers which reflect who they really are; their true nature and their real passions. Careers which draw on their innate strengths, employ their favourite skills and allow them to honour their deeply-held values


Whether it’s a change of role or industry, a shift from employed work to self-employment, or returning to work after a career break


Working with me and a small group of people in similar positions, we will create a collaborative and safe environment for you to delve into and explore all the things that make you YOU so that you can be really clear on a career path that fits like a glove!


During the Programme you will:

  • Explore your values and passions to understand what is truly important to you in life and work; what makes you tick and buzz

  • Identify your strengths, skills, knowledge and interests in both your personal and professional life so you can adopt and build on these in your ideal career

  • Recognise your past achievements and experiences and what you want more or less of in your future career

  • Explore you life purpose, how you want your ideal life to be, and what you want from your work within that

  • Identify and research possible options and themes for your next career direction - and measure them against criteria created from all of the above

  • Hone into a chosen direction and build a clear action plan for how you will get there

Programme approach and structure

As a licenced Firework Career Coach and accredited Transformative Coach, I use tried and tested materials and exercises alongside my coaching skills and techniques, to get the best results for you


The Programme is in two phases:


Phase 1: Explore

A deep dive into exploring yourself and understanding who you really are - in both your work and your life more broadly 


By the end of Phase 1, you will have a clear idea of

  • what makes you tick

  • where you find fulfilment and purpose

  • what is important to you

  • what drives and motivates you

  • your personal and professional strengths, values and achievements


You will have clarity on what you want in life and what you want from your work, and a vision of what your ideal work environment and day would look like

You will also have a bank of ideas of career areas and direction to explore further

Phase 2: Dream and Discover

Phase 2 uses all you have learnt about yourself in Phase 1 as a set of criteria against which to explore your career options and possibilities. Honing into a clear direction and creating an action plan of how to get there

Expectations of you

​You will be open minded to try different approaches to help you understand yourself better and find appropriate career options for you

You will be committed to invest effort and time required to make a change in your work and life - there will be homework! 



The group will be a maximum of 6 participants, to ensure it remains a small group that enables interaction and co-support


The programme will run online over Zoom


Dates for the next programme are to be confirmed. 

The structure of the course is: 

6 x 2 hour Group sessions (weekly)

2 x 1 hour one-to-one sessions. 

An optional 30 minute check in session within 6 months to review your progress and help you keep on track

Materials from the course can also be used in a 1:1 coaching relationship.

Cost and Discount

​The cost of the programme is £850 per participant

Contact me for a free discovery call to discuss your specific situation and find out whether this programme is right for you so you can express interest in future cohorts.

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