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You are unique! Therefore, we'll tailor your one to one coaching programme specifically to you, your personal circumstances and your needs. The coaching journey is agile to respond to whatever’s coming up for you. 

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The relationship between coach and coachee is a partnership. My role, as coach, is to create and hold a safe space for you to talk, think, reflect and feel empowered to come up with personal solutions, offering approaches and techniques to generate the most effective impact for you. 

Your role is to bring the content and to be open minded, honest and committed to explore and take action! 

Read more about my Coaching Approach here:

One to One coaching programme includes:​

  • Six one-to-one coaching sessions (1 or 1.5 hrs each: online or face to face)

  • Tailored outcomes and intentions agreed ahead of the first session

  • Flexible session timings to suit you (typically every 2-4 weeks)

  • Access to tools, techniques and approaches to support you 

  • Motivating action plans agreed during each session

  • Contact with me between sessions to ensure a continued dialogue and the opportunity to bounce ideas or thoughts via email


Coaching is a journey that progresses and deepens over its course so I encourage my clients to book a programme of 6 sessions to ensure they get the most out of it. However, I’m always happy to discuss other programme lengths and structures. 

Before you make any commitment, let’s have a (free) discovery chat to explore whether my coaching programme is right for you. We’ll discuss your situation and what you'd like to have happen from the coaching and I’ll explain what coaching is (and isn’t), my approach, and how it can support you.


This will give you a sense of what to expect from working with me.

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