A desire for change often starts with an underlying feeling of dissatisfaction or discomfort with how things are. It may be accompanied by uncertainty about what needs to change or what is holding you back. This can feel daunting and confusing; leading you to feel that your aspirations are impossible to reach.

​Using a Transformational Coaching approach, I will help you explore and unpick what is going on for you and define a clear vision of how you would love your life to be. We will work together in an open, reflective and collaborative way, without judgment, to understand what is truly holding you back. 

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We’ll explore your values and personal beliefs and how they shape your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. This increased self-awareness will help build confidence and self-belief enabling you to see what really needs to change, and what resources you can draw on to make this happen.

​My coaching will give you:

  • A trustful and honest space to talk, think and reflect without being judged

  • Clarity on your vision for your life and/or work; a de-cluttering and ordering of your thoughts around this

  • A greater awareness of what is truly important to you to guide, inspire, motivate and drive you

  • Increased confidence and self-belief to take action to reach your desired outcomes

  • Lightbulb moments and empowering realisations about what you are capable of!

​Working together, we'll use a range of coaching approaches and techniques to generate the most effective impact for you. My role as coach is to identify which method is most appropriate and helpful for you at that moment and to ensure you are comfortable with it. Your role is to be open, honest and committed to explore and take action!

I work directly with individuals and with charitable organisations and social enterprises.  See below links for more details of the programmes I offer. 




One Life: Live It!


Empowering and Inspiring Change


Confidence, Balance and Flexibility