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Do you want to make a positive change in your life or work?

Do you struggle to create space and time to reflect and think it all through? Or need to build confidence, self-belief and self-understanding to make the shift?

Maybe it’s a more subtle sense of imbalance or dissatisfaction; a niggling feeling of frustration, feeling stuck or lost?


You know you want to do something about it, but you can’t put your finger on what it is, or what needs to change.

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That’s because it’s complicated!


You are unique. Your personal beliefs, values and experiences shape how you view yourself and your world. This triggers thoughts, feelings and behaviours; some of which are negative and unhelpful and can hold you back from your aspirations.


Developing a greater awareness and understanding of yourself and your needs is liberating and empowering. It strengthens self-belief and confidence, enabling you to move forward with purpose and clarity.

However, this can be difficult to do alone. Sometimes you need someone to hold a mirror up and help you challenge your status quo. A space for you to reflect, reframe and refocus. To encourage you to define small, achievable steps and to inspire in you the confidence and motivation to make positive change.

Would you like me to assist you on that journey?



Together, we can explore a wide range of challenges and outcomes relating to your work, personal life, or both (often intrinsically linked). 

We will work collaboratively in an open and reflective way, without judgement, to understand what holds you back and what needs to happen for you to move forward. 

I will help you develop greater self-understanding and self-compassion, Exploring your values, beliefs and strengths and the impact these have on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 


You will realise what you are capable of, giving you the confidence and self-belief to create real and positive change.


The relationship between coach and coachee is a partnership. My role, as coach, is to create and hold a safe space for you to talk, think, reflect and feel empowered to come up with personal solutions, offering approaches and techniques to generate the most effective impact for you. 

Your role is to bring the content and to be open minded, honest and committed to explore and take action! 


​I use a wide range of coaching approaches and techniques obtained from training, experience and ongoing learning; drawing on these as is relevant to you, your personal situation and your own style of learning. 


This includes models, tools and techniques derived from: Transformative Coaching, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Existential Coaching and Clean Language. 


I work directly with individuals and with charitable organisations supporting the wellbeing and development of their people.

My coaching programmes


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One Life: Live It!

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Empowering and Inspiring Change

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Group Coaching Programme

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