A desire for change often starts with an underlying feeling of dissatisfaction or discomfort with how things are. It may be accompanied by uncertainty about what needs to change or what is holding you back. This can feel daunting and confusing; maybe leading you to feel that your aspirations are impossible to reach.

I believe you have within you the ability to be your best self. Obstacles are created as a result of how you view yourself and the world around you.  Exploring and understanding this is hugely empowering and enables you to move forward in a healthy and satisfying way.

Using a Transformational Coaching approach, we will work together to examine what is truly holding you back. I will help you deepen your self-awareness, guiding you in an exploration of your values and personal beliefs and how these shape your behaviour, thoughts, feelings and actions. We will then look at what really needs to change and the resources you can draw on to make this happen.

My coaching will give you:

  • A trustful and honest space to talk and think without being judged.

  • Clarity of your vision for your life and/or work. A de-cluttering and ordering of your thoughts around this.

  • Powerful realisation of how you view yourself and your world, and the impact this has on reaching your aspirations.

  • Courage to take achievable actions to fulfill your goals.

  • A sustainable and evolving understanding of yourself that can be confidently taken into other areas of your life.


I work directly with individuals and with charitable organisations. I have a specific focus on supporting working parents and people returning to work after maternity and parental leave or other career breaks. 

Working together, I'll use a range of coaching approaches and techniques to generate the most effective impact for you. My role as coach is to identify which method is most appropriate, helpful and impactful to you at that moment and to ensure you are comfortable with it. Your role is to be open, honest and committed to explore and take action!




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