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My coaching approach


Together, we can explore a wide range of challenges and outcomes relating to your work, personal life, or both (often intrinsically linked). 

We will work collaboratively in an open and reflective way, without judgement, to understand what holds you back and what needs to happen for you to move forward. 

You will develop a greater understanding of, and compassion towards, yourself; clarifying what is truly important to you; what inspires and motivates you. 

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There will be lightbulb moments and empowering realisations of what you are capable of, giving you the confidence and self-belief to create real and positive change.

I believe the foundations to achieving a fulfilling, balanced and purposeful life are self-understanding, self-belief and self-compassion. Understanding how you shape your world view, and the impact this has on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours gives you a bedrock on which to move forward with confidence and intention.


My coaching approach reflects this. Drawing on practices such as Transformative Coaching, Positive Psychology, Existential Coaching and Clean Language; I bring in tools and techniques relevant to you, your personal situation and your own style of learning. 

Working directly with individuals and with charitable organisations supporting the wellbeing and development of their people, I strive to update and grow my coaching approach through on going learning and development.




Getting the best out of your work

Develop into the leader or manager you want to be

Tackle work challenges with resilience, confidence and self-belief

Bring energy, focus and productivity to your work

Identify areas for growth and development, and how to meet them

Manage and lead organisational change and shifts in dynamics

Return to work confidently and motivated after a period of leave





An inspiring career that works for you

Identify and understand your career  motivators, values and drivers

Define and explore your strengths and areas for growth 

Clarify what has and hasn’t worked in the past, and what needs to change

Develop a vision of how you want your work (and life) to be


Create a clear action plan for how you will get there 

Discover tools to maintain a positive mindset





A balanced and fulfilling life that aligns with YOU

Identify what is truly important to you; your values and beliefs

Effectively balance career and personal responsibilities

Understand your boundaries and how to maintain them

Build the confidence & self-belief to motivate change in your life

​Unlock a stuck feeling that hinders you from living the way you want

Areas of support
Coaching Programmes


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One Life: Live It!

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Empowering and Inspiring Change

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Confidence, Balance & Flexibility

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