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Supporting the development, empowerment and wellbeing of your people

I work with charities and socially responsible organisations to support the development, empowerment and mental wellbeing of their people.

With a professional background in International Development, I have supported and led diverse teams and individuals at national and international levels. I have a strong empathy with organisations that focus on human rights, poverty reduction, wildlife and nature protection, climate change, disability and social and mental wellbeing. 

I provide an empathetic, non-judgmental and confidential space for people to explore their challenges in a safe and supported way. Enabling them to talk, think, reflect and feel empowered to create personal solutions that impact positively and sustainably across all areas of their life, not only their work.  

​​Working with organisations, I support individuals one to one and in groups.

Clients include: WWF, Mental Health Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Plan International, WaterAid, ActionAid and Versus Arthritis.


  • Tackle work challenges with resilience, confidence and self-belief

  • Bring energy, focus and productivity to their work

  • Develop effective leadership and management style

  • Identify areas for growth and development, and how to meet them

  • Manage and lead organisational change and shifts in dynamics

  • Explore career direction and progression

  • Step into a new role confidently and with self-belief

  • Create a work-life balance to maximise personal & professional potential

  • Return to work confidently and motivated after maternity or other leave


I tailor the coaching programme specifically to the organisation and the individual’s unique situation and needs. 

A 3-way contracting process between Sponsor (usually HR or line manager), Coachee and Coach ensures that the needs and expectations of both the organisation and the individual are built into the coaching programme. This may include initial conversations with the sponsor ahead of introducing the potential coachee to me and/or a 3-way conversation during the contracting stage.

I offer a free Discovery Consultation for potential coachees to explore whether I’m the right coach for them. 



​​Group Coaching and Facilitation provides a platform for collaborative support amongst those sharing similar challenges or experiences. Whether that’s an organisational team, an interdepartmental project team, a peer group or people brought together through shared experience. 

It gives people an open, supportive and safe space to work through their challenges together, enabling them to take action and learn from each other as individuals, as teams and as peers. 

Group Coaching supports participants to:

  • Learn from each other’s experience

  • Enhance personal effectiveness and productivity

  • Develop coaching skills to support and empower others

  • Generate ideas and solutions to personal and shared problems

  • Promote strategic thinking

  • Develop self-confidence and the courage to take action.

  • Embed a solution focused, self facilitated, support structure that can be continued beyond the coaching programme


Where Group Coaching and Facilitation can help:

  • Facilitated discussion where project teams address and overcome challenges

  • Coaching techniques to help a team think differently and mobilise action

  • Creating a safe space for people with similar experiences to support and motivate each other

  • Helping networks develop a structure and way of being that enables open dialogue, sharing of information, learning and effective action


Group Coaching and Facilitation Programmes are tailored to the organisation and the individuals' specific needs and are an effective way to enable more staff to access coaching support. Contact me to discuss group support for your organisation and people.


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Recognising the huge value that working parents bring to an organisation, I work with organisations to support and empower the parents amongst their people.


​Finding balance and fulfilment as a working parent can be complicated and comes with its unique emotional, physical and logistical challenges. 


Coaching can support parents to tackle these challenges with resilience, confidence and self belief.

Benefits to the organisation:​

  • Happy, confident staff who feel supported and understood, not judged and penalised - enabling them to get on with their jobs in an effective and efficient manner

  • Increased productivity: Being able to manage life’s priorities and commitments in a healthy and agile way means a clearer, undistracted, less anxious focus on work commitments

  • Committed, engaged and loyal staff who aspire to grow and develop within the organisation

  • Retention of talented women - particularly at a senior level - who can drive forward the vision of the organisation

  • An embedded culture of understanding and support, and a reputation for being a great place to work - therefore attracting even more talent and loyalty

Support to Working Parents is offered through one to one coaching and group coaching.

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​As well as working independently with organisations,  I work in collaboration with other coaches who have charity expertise and are dedicated to supporting the not for profit sector. This enables us to offer broader and more holistic programmes of coaching, facilitation and support.

Website: Charity Coaches Collective

Contact me to discuss working with the Charity Coaches Collective.

Group coaching
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