Supporting the development, empowerment and well-being of your people

I work with charities, social enterprises and organisations committed to their social responsibility to support the development, empowerment and mental well-being of their people.

With a background in International Development, I have a strong empathy with organisations that focus on people empowerment, human rights, poverty reduction, disability and social and mental well-being.


Drawing on my leadership, professional and personal experience, ​​I help people maximise their professional and personal potential in a sustainable and personally satisfying way that benefits both the organisation and the individual.


I use a Transformational Coaching approach which recognises that our values and personal beliefs affect our actions and behaviours. I help people gain a powerful awareness of themselves and their interactions with others so they can move forward in a satisfactory way.


​​I work with clients one to one and in groups, providing an honest, non-judgmental and confidential space for them to talk, reflect, refocus and come up with personal solutions to overcome challenges. I motivate and challenge them to make personal commitments to actualise the changes they identify.


One to one coaching programmes


​​Working with organisations, I’ve supported people to:​

  • Develop leadership and communication style, assertiveness and resilience

  • Manage and lead organisational change and shifts in dynamics

  • Tackle and manage overwhelm, confidence and self-doubt challenges

  • Build and maintain effective professional relationships

  • Identify and follow a satisfactory career progression path

  • Step into a more senior role confidently and with self-belief

  • Create a work-life balance to maximise personal and professional potential

  • Manage the emotional, physical and logistical commitments of being a working parent

  • Return to work confidently and motivated after maternity or other leave


​​Acknowledging that each client is unique, I tailor the coaching approach specifically to the organisation and the individual’s circumstances and needs. 


A 3-way contracting process between Sponsor (usually HR or line manager), Coachee and Coach, ensures that the needs and expectations of the organisation are built into the coaching programme. This may include initial conversations with the sponsor ahead of introducing the potential coachee to me.

I offer a free Discovery Consultation for the potential coachee to explore whether my coaching programme is right for them. We talk about their situation and what they’d like to see happen from the coaching and discuss what coaching is, my approach, and how it can help them. This gives them a sense of what to expect from working with me.


Group Coaching programmes


​​Group Coaching provides a platform for shared support amongst those experiencing similar challenges or themes. It gives staff an honest, non-judgmental, confidential and safe space to talk, reflect, think and work through their challenges together, enabling them to take action and learn from each other as individuals and as a peer network.

Group coaching supports participants to:

  • Learn from other individuals’ experience

  • Enhance personal effectiveness and productivity

  • Develop effective coaching skills to support and empower others

  • Generate ideas and solutions to personal and shared problems

  • Promote strategic thinking

  • Develop self-confidence and the courage to take action.


It gives participants an embedded, solution focused, group support structure that can be continued beyond the coaching programme, self facilitated using the techniques practised.

Group coaching is an effective way to enable more staff to access coaching support, with cost benefit to the organisation. 

Group Coaching Programmes are tailored to the organisation and the individuals' specific needs in collaboration with the organisation, so please contact me to discuss how it could support your organisation and people.

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​Charity Coaches Collective


​As well as working independently with organisations,  I work in collaboration with other coaches who have charity expertise and are dedicated to supporting this sector. This has enabled us to offer broader and more holistic programmes of coaching and support. Please contact me to discuss this further.

Supporting Working Parents 

Empathising with the specific and unique emotional, logistical and psychological challenges experienced by working parents, I work with organisations to support and empower the parents amongst their people.


Benefits to the organisation of this support:​

  • Happy, confident staff who feel supported and understood, not judged and penalised - enabling them to get on with their jobs in an effective and efficient manner

  • Increased productivity: Being able to manage life’s priorities and commitments in a healthy and agile way means a clearer, undistracted, less anxious focus on work commitments

  • Committed, engaged and loyal staff who aspire to grow and develop within the organisation

  • Retention of talented women - particularly at a senior level - who can drive forward the vision of the organisation

  • An embedded culture of understanding and support, and a reputation for being a great place to work - therefore attracting even more talent and loyalty

Find out more about the Supporting Working Parents Programme