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Back to work: Reflections and Self-Commitments

I woke up this morning to rain, rain, rain. My daughter asked “is this the end of summer?” as she pulled on her new (slightly too big) school skirt and uncreased polo-shirt (I actually ironed their shirts last night! - that won’t happen again this year). “Yes dear, end of summer, back to school”.....

Inside I was singing:

“it may be winter outside, but in my heart it’s spring….”

as I counted down the minutes to a child free few hours.

It’s been a fabulous summer - the best in fact. As the kids get a little older, easier and more independent, we’ve really enjoyed hanging out together. But the last couple of days, with the constant soundtrack “mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy” playing, the holidays began to take their toll and I’ve been itching to get back to work. I’m refreshed and inspired to implement all the projects and ideas that have been whirling around my head the last 6 weeks. I’m excited to start working with my new clients, and re-engaging with existing ones.

Last year I focused on exploring and adjusting to my new (post 9-5) lifestyle; establishing my business, learning loads about myself (what I’m capable of, where my strengths and added value lie) and developing my own approach to my coaching work. One of my biggest realisations last year was that there is no end point, no final goal to what I want to do, but an evolving adapting landscape within which I’m growing and changing as a person, moving ever closer to the fulfilment and balance I yearn. This exploration and learning will continue this year and beyond with a greater emphasis on my personal mantra of “Reflect, Reframe, Refocus”.

This year I am also making some new commitments to myself and thinking about what I want to shed:

I plan to give myself permission for more “ME time” within my working day. Last year I got pretty hung up on how short the 9-3 working day is, and felt guilty if I did anything other than “work” in that time (often leading to procrastination and inefficiency as I was not always in the right head-space). This year I plan to listen to myself more, realise that ME time is all part of the life-balance I aspire to, and is instrumental to my productivity and achievements.

  • A morning jog clears my head and gives me the “commute” from the craziness of the school run to the head-space required for work.

  • A trip to my favourite veg shop to stock up on healthy food ensures I don’t live of cheese on toast every lunchtime, fuelling my brain for concentration and efficiency.

  • A coffee and chat with a friend brings new inspiration and gives me the affirmation of existence I require to stay motivated (especially on days where I have no client work).

And what am I going to shed this year?

I’m going to stop sweating the small stuff! There’s enough stress and hectic-ness in my life without me worrying about things out of my control or that are insignificant. This is far easier said than done; it requires a significant mind-set shift. This may well be a topic for exploration with my own coach!

As I journey into September (sat in my favourite coffee shop because I’ve spent far too much time in my kitchen these last few days) I’m excited and inspired! I have ordered my new weekly planner and notebooks and I’m raring to go! This is the life! Now to start planning! (Or maybe I'll buy myself a new pencil case first!).


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